Individual Contributor Goals

Individual Contributor Goals:


1. Ensure that you do not contribute to change failures by thoroughly reviewing your change design, get it approved by SME’s NOMINATED BY YOUR MANAGER and follow the change process for executing the change. Strive to contribute for Zero failed change


2. Ensure no unauthorized change. Strive for Zero unauthorized change


3. Ensure that you do the highest quality ticket update while the incident is being handled


4. Volunteer to review the work output of others and contribute to preventing defects in the work output of others. Maintain records of such contributions and share it with your manager.


5. Ensure that you respond in a timely manner to incoming requests. Prevent any escalations in this space


6. Improve the quality and productivity of ticket handling. Strive to follow repeatable processes and best in class procedures for handling tickets of a given category. Build automation and scripts to enable you in this goal. It will be great, if you can contribute to the creation of such engineering procedures and processes. Ensure your approach is reviewed and approved by your SME and Manager.


7. Improve your ability to solve and diagnose problems in the client environment. Display your knowledge in this area by documenting technical white papers. Demonstrate to your manager your success in applying the knowledge that you have documented in your white papers. You would have excelled if others start following your recommendations. This will happen if this knowledge is shared by you in Global Clearing House.


8. Show improvement in leading bridge calls. Create your mechanism for seeking feedback on your effectiveness to lead bridge calls. Maintain records of bridge calls that you have led and the feedback you have obtained on it from various sources including CSM/DPE and sending Geo partners


9. Focus on your skill development. Maintain your individual development plan and document your skill development goals for the year in the same and get it reviewed by your manager. Ensure you progress on the goals and get it certified by your manager


10. Strive for highest quality in change record update


11. Ensure that the server and storage boxes that you maintain have zero security violations. Zero patching violations to be observed in all the patches that you were involved in.

No CIRATS ticket closed without ample evidence that the job has been completed to satisfaction


12. Consistently demonstrate your contribution to continuously improve the status quo in the customer environment by driving defect prevention initiatives. Use your analytical abilities to spot loopholes in how technology is implemented in the client environment. Contribute to defect prevention initiatives to reduce incoming tickets and to increase the stability of business critical servers/storage


13. If your role is QA role, ensure that the accounts that you are responsible for have a continuous trend in incoming ticket reduction. Contribute to backup failure reduction.


14. Maintain a Satisfactory Controls posture (IT Diary updated monthly, Workplace and Workstation security etc.)

  • IT Diary Should be updated every month before 18th
  • WST status to be checked and Updated before 18th of every month
  • ILC to be claimed before Thursday COB every week


15. Deeper Relationships:

  • Deepen relationships within delivery organization and customers as evidenced by breadth of supported account and service lines.
  • Broaden relationships within delivery organization and customers as evidenced by breadth of supported account and service lines.

16. Ensure timely invoking escalation process is used / followed to appropriate higher ups in the delivery organization to reduce the impact to the customer and to provide quality service delivery to customer.

17. Ensure OAM and CTM is read and understood of the supported account/s and understand the scope of work expected from service delivery perspective from customer.

18. Ensure every task is executed / performed as per the documented desk side procedures of the account from QMX and adhere to the processes of the specific account/s supported.

19. Improve your average tickets handled/week to a minimum of 40 Sev 3 / Sev 4 tickets per week by either working in the same account or working on multiple accounts.



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